Alpha & Co. Intellectual Property which has been one of the leading Intellectual Property firms of the GCC and Arab world region was one of the first firms to initiate measures to check in counterfeiting in the region through constant monitoring of the market and providing frequent updates to the clients. Our company specializes in intellectual property and anti-commercial fraud. In the last few years we have been serving numerous companies and clients. Alpha has professionals and experts who are qualified and capable to handle a variety of counterfeiting-related work. Alpha has prominent relations with Qatar authorities including Qatar Ministry of Economy and Commerce and Qatar Customs through which the company has been able to effectively tackle counterfeit-related issues in the State of Qatar.

Investigation & Market Research

We have professional and well experienced team that handles our anti-counterfeit activities. Our experts are conducting regular visits to the targets in the market in order to identify the traders who are dealing with counterfeit products. Our proactive policy enables us to gather information of the market through which further actions leading to raids against the suspected targets could be arranged and accomplished properly. As such, our focus is to locate the shops and warehouses that promote counterfeit branded products and provide the clients with the necessary and relevant details and update so that further actions could be arranged and agreed upon.

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