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The Tunisian TMO has recently announced that it has made certain procedural changes to its trademark regulations. Thus the new Tunisian decree, Decree No. 2015-303, that repeals the Decree No. 2001-1603, has come into force effectuating certain changes that will affect trademark registrations as well as oppositions.


This Decree introduced changes to trademark applications and, principally, to trademark oppositions procedures.
This decree introduces the following changes:

  • Introduction of electronic filing of applications for the registration of trademarks
  • Establishment of provisions regarding the trademark registrations through the Madrid Protocol
  • Prevision of a period of 2 months for the filing of any documentation in support of recordings of a change of name, address, ownership or assignment
  • Extension of the term during which the trademark applicant can file observations to a trademark opposition, from 45 days to two months from the date of notification of the opposition
  • Fixation of a term of 8 months from the date of submission of observations for the parties to the trademark opposition to attempt conciliation
  • Increasing to 2 months from 1 month of the period within wh