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After almost two years of making trademark registrations online, the Saudi Arabian TMO is now mulling to go ahead with the electronic filing of renewals as well as title updates in the coming months.

Initially there were reports that trademark renewals would go online in Saudi Arabia by October 15, 2015. However, nothing was confirmed by the TMO. Even now there is yet to be final confirmation from the TMO about the possible e-filing of renewals by this year end. But scores of unconfirmed sources have been making rounds hinting at the possibility of e-filing of renewals by this year end as well as of title updates by the first half of 2016.


If the renewals go online, then there could be possible revision in the official fee of renewal publication. When the TMO had initiated electronic filing of trademark registrations in 2013, there was a steep hike in publication fee. So with the current news of initiating the e-filing of renewals, there are likely chances of increase in publication fees.

The online filing of trademark recordals is expected to come into force by first half of 2016. As such, an increase in the publication fees of the recordal of assignments, licenses and mergers is expected

Accordingly we recommend that you apply for any renewals that fall due before the end of 2016 ahead of the expected increase in publication fees.