Headquartered in Qatar, a tiny and one of the richest countries of the world located in the Middle East, ALPHA & CO has its vast networks all across the world to facilitate its valued clients in the arena of Intellectual Property Protection and Enforcement. Over the years, we operated successfully to ensure the expectations our clients expected. It would not be an exaggeration to say that we have developed ourselves as an institution with committed and sincere gestures. With the help of our highly qualified motivated professionals and dedicated staff we are heading towards marvelous and conducive networks to analyze microscopic developments of this specialized field, fulfilling and satisfying the growing needs of our esteemed clients. We always aim to build a good reputation across the world expanding our horizons to touch minutely all dimensions of this growing field, serving a variety of our reverend clients. We have also redefined the significance of Intellectual Property Protection throughout the Middle East region, highlighting the Arab’s creativity at International level.

To facilitate easier access with political systems, local laws and by- laws of the Gulf region, ALPHA & CO has its branches in all GCC’S countries (Bahrain, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Oman and UAE) and Egypt. On the top of it, we have association with many organizations in many countries to assist and protect our clients anywhere in the world.

Our strategy revolves round the concept of providing valued clients with professional and high quality services, suiting their best needs and requirements. We always depend on seeking accurate understandings of the clients’ needs and thereby reaching at the highest level of satisfaction. We do our level best to ensure that the clients’ rights are duly enforced and protected.

Special attention to urgent cases without having any prejudice to normal ones is our part of functioning. Besides, we provide cost effective services by accomplishing a high quality job within a short span of time at reasonable rates. The fee structure is very much fair, transparent and practical.

It is our mission to help our clients efficiently gain complete benefit of their intellectual property rights through the practicality and commitment of our professional staff.


Director's Message
-Mr. Hussain Al Obaidly

Across the globe there have been sweeping changes in all the spheres over the last few years. Globalization coupled with industrialization has brought forth telling changes in the way development is seen and taken up, investment is distributed, resources used and finances managed. We live no more in a world that has four corners, each thousands miles and countless hours away from each other, but a world which has become a global village, a world that is being explored with just a click.

The ever-changing global phenomenon has affected the GCC and Middle East regions too. The region has opened its arms for development across various sectors. Today the Middle East and Arab world contributes substantially towards the global economy and these changes have surely thrown open doors for investment opportunities resulting in the creation of free zones and trader-friendly regulations which clearly means that the Middle East region today is one of the most developed regions, sought-after heavily by the investors, multi-national companies. The never-seen-before changes have also enthused and encouraged local individuals and companies to contribute their mite in the growth and development of the region.

Over the years, Alpha has closely associated and immensely contributed in protecting the trade interests of global clients. The qualified and experienced work force ably led by capable management has helped Alpha emerge head and shoulders above the rest. With its own offices in all the GCC (Qatar, Bahrain, UAE, Oman, Kuwait & Saudi Arabia) countries along with Egypt and associate offices spread across the globe, Alpha has become one of the prime and most sought-after IP service providers across the length and breadth of the Arab world.

Special attention to urgent cases without having any prejudice to normal ones is part of functioning of Alpha and its stringent adherence to the ethics of work has helped Alpha grow by leaps and bounds among all its contemporaries.

Alpha offers wide variety of Intellectual Property services including the following:
Registration of trademarks, patents, designs and copyrights
Patent annuity services
Registration and maintenance of domain names
Providing ‘Watch Services’ by screening the published marks in order to determine the existence of similar and identical marks and keep the clients informed about the potential infringements
Conducting availability search for similar and identical marks and furnishing with legal opinion and registrability

The head office of Alpha in Qatar takes great care in supervising and coordinating the activities of its own offices so that each of the clients is given personal attention and that clients’ queries are handled on priority-basis. Wedded to commitment, Alpha diligently blends professionalism with expertise in providing prompt service to clients and associates.

Our Mission

Alpha’s Mission is to help clients to efficiently gain complete benefit of their IP rights through the practicality and commitment of professional staff.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become a regional leader in all areas of Intellectual Property Protection in GCC and Arab world countries. With our dynamic legal and technical professionals on board, we deliver prompt, best, value-added service to all clients round the clock.

We do not just offer services to clients but believe in building and enhancing long-lasting relationship with clients based on integrity and trust in partnership with our clients.